Ascolog Insight Log Viewer and Parser

About the Log Viewer

The Ascolog Insight log viewer and log parser uses optimized algorithms to achieve unmatched processing performance even with very large logs. Grammar based parsing in combination with a specialized script language allows the processing of a wide variety of different log formats. The Ascolog Insight log viewer provides a wizard which can automatically create a grammar for your log format. Furthermore an SDK is available to allow access to any kind of data source (e.g. binary files, databases, cloud storage).

Test the Ascolog Insight Log Viewer for Free

You can immediately start to work with Ascolog Insight when you download a free trial version of the product. The trial version does not have any functional restrictions so you can experience the full power of the Ascolog Insight log parser but you can only use it during the trial period.


Free Customization of the Ascolog Insight Log Parser to your Log Formats

Send us a mail to to get a free customization of the Ascolog Insight log viewer so that it can understand the format of your log records. Please attach a log file in text format that contains a few log records so that we can analyze the log format you are using. We will send back to you a so-called layout (some files) that tells Ascolog Insight how to interpret your log records. You can also easily create the layout yourself with the built-in layout creation wizard or use an existing layout that describes your log format.


Learn more - Video Tutorials and User Manual

Watch our comprehensive video tutorials on our Youtube channel or download them from our website.