Ascolog Insight Release Notes 1.8.5

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - 16:30

New features

  • Upon show plain text, the original content for converted files will be displayed (including proper record selection)

  • New option to display a group of graphs via a single graph node (Menu: "View->Graph Default Settings->Group Graph->Combined"

  • Select a layout that will be automatically loaded if the opened files name contains a specific pattern (Menu: "Layout->Associate...")

  • New option for LayoutCreationWizard to define a pattern manually - Different color schemes for graph windows (Menu: "Tools->Options...->Display->GraphColorScheme")

  • Unlimited amount of supported CPUs (Menu: Menu: "Tools->Options...->unitAmount->UNIT_AMOUNT_UNLIMITED")


  • Drastically improved merge perfromance


  • One potentially critical bug upon merge has been fixed - Div minor fixes