Customization of the Log Viewer for your Log Formats

Ascolog Insight supports many log formats out of the box. However, if it does not support your log format send us a mail to to get a free initial customization of Ascolog Insight so that it can understand the format of your log records. Please attach a log file in text format that contains a few log records so that we can analyze the log format you are using. We will send back to you a so-called layout (some files) that tells the Ascolog Insight log parser how to interpret your log records. You can also easily create the layout yourself with the built-in layout creation wizard or use an existing layout that describes your log format.

After the free initial customization you can hire Ascolog to create or modify a layout for you. The price of this service depends on the complexity of the log record formats. If you are interested in ordering a layout from Ascolog please contact to qet a quote.

Ascolog SDK

The Ascolog Software Development Kit (Ascolog SDK) makes Ascolog Insight adaptable. The Ascolog SDK can be used to add new input and output data sources or even to enhance the funcionality of Ascolog Insight. If you require for your situation a special solution please contact to learn more or to get a quote.

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