1.1 About this Documentation

In order to facilitate your orientation in this document the headers of very important chapters are highlighted in blue and followed by an exclamation mark. These chapters will explain the basic functionality which you will need to know when you want to analyze logs wit Ascolog Insight.

How to work with Ascolog Insight as a user is the focus of this documentation. First the major parts of the user interface are introduced. The chapters Working with Logs and Layouts and Analyze Functions cover the most important features users need to know when working with Ascolog Insight.

  • User Interface elements are documented in bold (e.g. OK button, Tools menu).

  • For Ascolog Insight terminology an italic font is used (e.g. analyze function, layout).

  • Capital letters denote Ascolog Insight columns which contain a certain type of data from the log records (e.g. LOGTYPE, TIMESTAMP)

  • Strings, files, folder and paths are encompassed by quotation marks (e.g. “C:\ProgramData\AscologInsight”, “Warning”)