5.10.5 Adjusting Graphs

This feature is helpful when comparing graphs from different Graph windows. In the View menu you can select what graphs should be adjusted by selecting their Graph windows (command Graph Adjust or Graph Adjust All). The scale of the x-axis in the selected Graph windows is adjusted so that the x-axis have the same timestamp as starting point and the same timestamp as ending point. So if you select Graph Adjust for Graph window 1 and Graph window 2 Ascolog Insight will use the following starting and ending points for the adjusted x-axis:

starting point = min(Graph window 1 starting point, Graph window 2 starting point)

ending point = max(Graph window 1 ending point, Graph window 2 ending point)

You can compare graphs more easily when you position their Graph windows exactly below each other. Then the same timestamps will also be positioned below each other.