14.1 An Introduction to Exporting Logs

Sometimes it is necessary to process logs outside of Ascolog Insight with other applications or tools which require a different log format. Therefore Ascolog Insight can convert logs to a different format and save the converted log in a file. It is even possible to extend Ascolog Insight using Ascolog Insight's Software Development Kit so that you can export logs to a database or process logs using syslog.

Ascolog Insight supports the following conversion and exporting methods:

  1. Converting the format of a log to a different format (changing the order of the information, removing some information)

  2. Converting to a different character encoding (ANSI, UTF8, UTF16)



XML, HTML, HTMLREPORT, SENDMAIL and SYSLOG are plug-ins which are built with Ascolog Insight's SDK. Plug-ins are used to extend the functionality of Ascolog Insight. Please note that SENDMAIL and SYSLOG are only sample implementations.

In order to extend Ascolog Insight you have to purchase a license for the software development kit of Ascolog Insight. If you require for your situation a special solution please contact us to learn more or to get a quote. Please have a look at Ascolog Insight's Software Development Kit (SDK) for a brief overview of the SDK.

All this functionality can be accessed via the Conversion dialog so first this dialog is introduced. After that the various conversion and exporting methods are explained in more detail.