9.1 An Introduction to Task Scheduling

You can configure Ascolog Insight to execute the following tasks automatically:

  1. Search – finds log records in files as described in Monitoring - Find in Files

  2. Refresh – updates the information that is displayed in the Log window (see Refreshing the Log Window)

  3. Convert – converts and exports log records to a different format or to a different location (file, database, etc.) as described in Exporting Logs

The command Refresh from Task Scheduling and the commands Enable Auto Refresh/Disable Auto Refresh in the File menu do not use the same timer.

You can schedule a search and refresh task only once since it makes no sense to schedule them more than once. However, you can schedule several convert tasks because you might want to convert to different log formats or export log records to different places (files, database server, syslog server, etc.).

In the Tools menu you will find the task scheduling commands described in table Task scheduling commands.

Task scheduling commands
Menu Command Purpose

Scheduled Task...

Opens the Scheduled Tasks dialog where you can configure the tasks that you want to schedule.

Enable Scheduled Tasks

Starts the execution of the scheduled tasks

Disable Scheduled Tasks

Stops the execution of the scheduled tasks

In the Options dialog, in the category Misc you can specify in the AutoStartScheduledTasks field if the scheduled tasks shall be automatically executed when Ascolog Insight is started.