5.5 Analyze Functions based on Data Groups

The video tutorial Group Command on Youtube will explain how to group log records and apply analyze functions on these groups.

This method of creating analyze functions is very efficient which is why it's explained here for a second time (besides 5.3 How to create Analyze Functions (!)).

All log records which have the same data value in a column are considered to be a group. Right-click on a column and select Group/Color Rule, Group/Bookmark, Group/Graph or Group/Tab to create analyze functions based on groups of this column. For each group Ascolog Insight will create its own analyze function whose expression filter is based on the common data value of the group. When you select files in the File window and then one of the group commands an analyze function will be created for each selected file, i.e. in this case a group is formed by all log records that have the same file name in the FILE column.

Example: If there are the following data values Trace, Info, Warning and Error in the TYPE column and you select Group/Color Rule from the column's context menu Ascolog Insight will create analyze functions with the filter expressions shown in figure Analyze functions created with the Group command.

Analyze functions created with the Group command
Analyze functions created with the Group command