4.3.3 Apache Logging Services

The Apache Logging Services™ project maintains open-source software related to the logging of application behavior. More information can be found at http://logging.apache.org/. The Apache Logging Services™ project consists of several logging frameworks like log4j™ for Java, log4net™ for Microsoft® .NET™, log4Cxx™ for C++ and log4php™ for PHP.

These frameworks offer the possibility to configure the format of the log records which are created by them. You can even create log formats that use XML tags to markup the pieces of information of a log record. You can use Ascolog Insight to analyze log files created by these frameworks. You just have to use a layout with the appropriate grammar and custom columns definition.

The creation of a layout that describes log record formats of the Apache Logging Services™ without XML is quite straightforward and described in Creating a Layout with the Wizard or Creating a Layout without the Wizard. For more information about XML based log formats please have a look at XML based log formats.