Ascolog Insight's Software Development Kit (SDK)

Ascolog Insight offers a SDK so that it is possible to develop plug-ins to enhance Ascolog Insight's functionality and to adapt it to your needs. There are three types of enhancements:

  1. Decoders enhance the input functionality (e.g. reading logs from a database)

  2. Encoders enhance the output functionality (e.g. writing logs to a database)

  3. Commands enhance the functionality of Ascolog Insight (e.g. additional analyze functions)

In order to extend Ascolog Insight you have to purchase a license for the software development kit of Ascolog Insight.

Purchasing an Ascolog Insight Professional license does not entitle you to use the Ascolog Insight SDK or to run Ascolog Insight as a Windows® service. If you are interested in this functionality please contact us to learn more or to get a quote.