The video tutorial Color rules, Bookmarks and Graphs on Youtube will explain how to use color rules, bookmarks and graphs.

Bookmarks are intended to mark log records. The purpose is to help you to quickly find log records again. Log records that are bookmarked are always displayed in the Log window even if there are record filters that filter out these log records. Such log records will get a light gray font color and a white background color.

Since a bookmark is an analyze function the usual ways for creating analyze functions can be applied. How to create analyze functions is described in How to create Analyze Functions and Filter Expressions.

When you have a look at the Edit menu you will notice that there are two ways of creating a bookmark. The method Edit/New Node/Bookmark will create a bookmark node in the Functions tree but without a filter expression, i.e. the user still has to create the filter expression. You can create filter expressions (like TYPE==Error) to create bookmarks for a group of log records.

A common use case is to create a bookmark for a specific log records. Therefore you select the log record in the Log window that should be bookmarked. Then you open the menu and select Edit/Bookmark/Toggle (keystroke combination Ctrl+F2). This will create a bookmark with an expression filter where the expression filter identifies the selected bookmark by using the log record's ID (column UID) and the log record's source file (column FILE). Disabling such a bookmark works the same way as enabling: Select the log record marked with the bookmark and select Edit/Bookmark/Toggle or use the keystroke combination Ctrl+F2. As a consequence, the bookmark icon will disappear but the bookmark node will not be deleted. In order to delete a bookmark you have to delete the bookmark's node in the Functions tree.

By default the bookmarks created with Toggle are created in the Record Bookmarks category, the other bookmarks are created in the Bookmarks category. This is shown in figure Bookmark categories in the Functions tree.

Bookmark categories in the Functions tree
Bookmark categories in the Functions tree

Ascolog Insight also offers the possibility to navigate between bookmarks. Next to the Toggle command in the menu there is the Go To menu which contains the following commands: Go To Next Bookmark, Go To Next Bookmark Region, Go To Previous Bookmark and Go To Previous Bookmark Region. You can also find these commands in the Toolbar. A bookmark region is formed by log records that are consecutive and which have a bookmark with the same filter expression. The first log record of a region that is found in the search direction gets the focus.