12.1 Layout Files

The information belonging to a layout is stored in several text files. The default location for a layout in the file system is the “LAYOUTS” folder which is a sub-folder of the data folder. The location of the data folder depends on the installation method you used. Where you find the data folder is described in How to Install.

A layout with the name TestLayout consists at least of the following files: “TestLayout.xml”, “TestLayout.cdf”, “TestLayout.gdf” and “TestLayout.ini”. If Ascolog Insight asks you to specify a layout you have to provide the location of the XML (e.g. TestLayout.xml) file. This file is the main file which knows the paths to the other files of the layout.

The table Data stored in a layout contains a detailed list of the data which is stored in a layout.

Data stored in a layout
Data Description File
Grammar definition, column definition and configuration paths Paths to the other files of the layout. TestLayout.xml”
Record definitions Ascolog Insight supports the conversion of log records to a different format (menu File/Convert...). These conversions can be stored and reused. “TestLayout.xml”
Custom columns definition (CCD) data Custom columns definition data (CCD data, see menu Tools/CCD Data menu) is passed to the commands in a custom columns definition which use this data to modify custom columns. You can use a GUI to specify values for CCD data. “TestLayout.xml”
Tabs When tabs are made persistent their data is stored in the layout. “TestLayout.xml”
Options All options that belong to a layout are stored in the layout. Application wide options are stored in the “base.ini” file. “TestLayout.xml”
Columns Properties of the columns of the Log window. “TestLayout.xml”
Functions tree The layout stores the analyze functions of the Functions tree like record filters, graphs, colors, etc. “TestLayout.xml”
Grammar definitions Production rules, terminals and nonterminals of a grammar which define the format of a log type. Nonterminals can be represented by a column in the Log window. “TestLayout.gdf” (Grammar Definition File)
Custom columns definitions Custom columns definition are created by the user in order to extract additional meaningful data from the logs for analysis. The extracted data is represented in its own column in the Log window. “TestLayout.cdf” (Column Definition File)
Macro parsers Paths to macros, defines which control the behavior of macros. “TestLayout.ini”
Pattern definitions Regular expressions, definitions of nonterminal symbols. “TestLayout.ini“