3.11 Mapping Data onto Descriptions and Icons

The video tutorial Layout Creation Wizard on Youtube will also explain how to map data.

In the Display Mapping dialog you can map data from log records with descriptive texts or icons to improve the readability of these log records in the Log window. In the figure Display Mapping dialog a mapping is shown that modifies the column TYPE of the Log window. When in the TYPE column one of the numbers specified in the Display Mapping dialog's Value column occurs the number is replaced by the appropriate description and icon from the Display Mapping dialog's Text respectively Icon column, e.g. when the number “2” occurs in the TYPE column in the Log window it is replaced by “Warning” and the yellow exclamation mark icon.

When you press the Clear button all mappings will be deleted. Pressing the Remove button only deletes the currently selected mapping. To save any changes in the Display Mapping dialog you must press the OK button. Pressing the Cancel button but will discard any made changes. 

Display Mapping dialog

To create a new mapping press the Add button, to edit an existing mapping select the mapping in the table and press the Edit button. These actions will open either the Add Mapping or the Edit Mapping dialog (see figure Edit Mapping dialog). However, there are not many differences between these two dialogs except that the Edit Mapping dialog displays the existing mapping information whereas the Add Mapping dialog displays no such information. The application only supports icons of type .ico. Ascolog Insight is delivered with icons for the log record type. These icons are located in the “..\_SHARED_\Icons\” folder.

Edit Mapping dialog
Edit Mapping dialog