5.4.6 Occurrence Tab

The Occurrence tab (see figure Filter expression dialog - Occurrence tab) offers another faster way than the Components tab to specify a filter expression. However, the drawback is that it has some restrictions compared with the Components tab.

Log records consist of different pieces of information which are organized in columns, e.g. timestamps, types of a log record (error, warning, info), etc. Select the column from the Column drop down field to specify what column should be compared with the value in the Text field. In the check box next to the Column you can specify whether the column shall or shall not contain the value of the Text field. Use the Search options to refine the filter expression. The Combine options specify how the active filter expression and the newly specified filter expression should be combined. The Components tab shows the active filter expression in the Selected components and the Command field. In figure Filter expression dialog - Components tab in section Components Tab the active filter expression is (TYPE == Warning || TYPE == Error). The newly specified filter is TEXT ?= "a problem occurred" as shown in figure Filter expression dialog - Occurrence tab. Because the logical AND combination is selected in the Combine options the logical operator && is inserted between these two filter expressions (see figure Filter expression dialog - Occurrence tab, Command field).

Filter expression dialog - Occurrence tab
Filter expression dialog - Occurrence tab

The Command field shows the created filter expression. Below the Command field the dialog shows if the created filter expression is valid.

Press OK to create the filter expression or Cancel to discard it.