5.7 Record Filter

Record filters are analyze function which are used to display only those log records in the Log window that meet the criteria defined by a filter expression (e.g. only log records of type ERROR which contain the string “a problem occurred” in the description). Filter expressions are something different than record filters. Filter expressions are also used by other analyze functions.

Since a record filter is an analyze function the usual ways for creating analyze functions can be applied. How to create analyze functions is described in How to create Analyze Functions and Filter Expressions.

By default record filters usually will be created in the category Record Filter . An exception are quick filters. A fast way to create a record filter is provided by the menu command Quick filter... which opens a dialog where you can create the filter expression for a quick filter. It is the same dialog that is described in 5.4 Filter Expressions (!). These filters will be created in the Quick Filter category. Both categories are shown in figure Record filter types.

Record filter types
Record filter types

In the Edit menu or in the Toolbar you can find the commands Enable Filter and Disable Filter. These commands can be compared with a master switch which turns off electric power everywhere even though other switches are still turned on. Moreover, a master switch does not change the state of other switches. When you select Disable Filter all record filters even those that have ticked check boxes in the Functions tree are disabled. However, their current state, which is indicated by the check boxes next to their nodes in the Functions tree, is kept. This means that when you select Enable Filter all record filters that were active before pressing Disable Filter are active again.

Whether Enable Filter or Disable Filter is currently active can best be seen in the Toolbar. If Enable Filter is active the Enable Filter button is gray and cannot be pressed. If Disable Filter is active the Disable Filter button is gray and cannot be pressed.

If you think that your record filters don't work check if you have activated by accident Disable Filter.