8.2 Refresh Options

To configure the refresh options go to the Tools menu and select Options. The refresh options are located in the category File. The available options are described in table Refresh options.

Refresh options
Refresh options Description

Sets the log refresh mode:

FULLAUTO: Automatically updates the Log window.

SEMIAUTO: Displays an out-of-date icon in the Files window but does not update the Log window.

MANUAL: You have to trigger a refresh manually. Neither updates the Log window nor displays an out-of-date icon in the Files window when a log becomes outdated.


Defines what record is selected after refreshing the content of the Log window.

KEEP_SELECTION: The currently selected log file keeps the selection.

TOP_SELECTION: The record on the top is selected.

BOTTOM_SELECTION: The record at the bottom is selected. This is useful when the record shall be selected that was most recently added.

This option can also be configured in the Views menu, sub-menu Refresh Record Selection:




File/RefreshTimerInterval Sets the time interval, in milliseconds, between two refreshes for the Automatic refresh mode and for the Semi-automatic refresh mode.

FALSE: Ascolog Insight refreshes the content of the Log window when the content's last refresh was before the last modification of one of the log files.

TRUE: Ascolog Insight refreshes the content without checking any modification times.

File/RefreshEnforceRecalc Enforces recalculation upon refreshing (see Merge Records and Recalc Records).