9.2 Scheduled Tasks Dialog

In the Scheduled Tasks dialog you can find the Task list. The search and refresh tasks are always displayed in the Task list. To add a convert task click on the Add or Insert button and provide all necessary information like you would do it in the Conversion dialog (see Exporting Logs).

The Reset button is only available when the search or the refresh task is selected. It resets all configuration settings of the currently selected task and sets the trigger to inactive. The Clear button resets the search and refresh tasks and removes all convert tasks from the Task list. The Remove button is only available when a convert task is selected. It removes the selected convert task from the Task list.

For each task you must specify a trigger, i.e. the condition when a task is executed. The trigger status is displayed in the Task list in an own column next to the task. The available triggers are listed in table Triggering options for scheduling tasks.

Triggering options for scheduling tasks
Trigger Description
Inactive No trigger is selected for the task.
Suspended Suspends the triggers that are set for a task.
Periodically Periodically executes a task using the provided schedule.
Upon initialize Triggers a task after loading a layout or when the Scheduled Tasks dialog is finished by pressing the OK button.
Upon search Triggers a task when a search is completed.
Upon data changed Triggers a task when the data that is displayed in the Log window changes

You can also set several triggers for one task (e.g. Upon initialize and Periodically). Note that some triggers are not available for all tasks (e.g. the Upon search trigger is not available for the search task).

All you have to configure for the refresh task is the trigger. To configure the other tasks select the appropriate task and press the Edit button. How to configure a convert task is explained in Exporting Logs For a convert task the Config column of the Task list displays what is selected in the Encoding field in the Conversion dialog. The Path column denotes the destination of the conversion. If for the conversion a filter is defined it is displayed in the Filter column. How to configure a search task is explained in Monitoring - Find in Files. For a search task the Config column displays the file extension that are considered in the search. The Path lists the folders that are included in the search. The Filter column displays what is specified as the record filter for the search.