3.10 Sorting Log Records

Right click on the column headers in the Log window to sort the log records using the data from this column. If you click on a header an arrow icon will appear. It indicates that the column is used for sorting. If the data is sorted in ascending order an Arrow up icon is shown, if it is sorted in descending order an Arrow down icon is displayed.

You can also sort log records by several columns. Open the View menu and select Record Sort Order... to open the dialog shown in figure Record Sort Order dialog. All columns which are listed in the Sort Order list are used for sorting log records. First the log records are sorted according to the first column in the Sort Order list. The order of the log records determined by the first sort column is not touched when sorting the log records according to the second column, i.e. only log records which have the same value in the first sort column are compared when sorting according to the second sort column. The same proceeding is used for additional sort columns.

In order to add additional columns to the Sort Order list select a column in the Columns list and press the Add button to add a column to the end of the sort order or press the Insert button to insert it before the column which is currently selected in the Sort Order list. Use the Switch button to change the sort order of the currently selected sort order column from ascending (arrow up) to descending (arrow down) and vice versa. When you press Clear all columns are removed from the Sort order list. Select a column in the Sort order list and press the Remove button to remove the selected column. You can use the Arrow buttons to move a selected column to a different position in the Sort order list.

Record Sort Order dialog
Record Sort Order dialog

Press the OK button to sort the log records according to the made settings or press the Cancel button to not change the sort order. The sort order settings will be applied to all tabs of the Log window. In the column headers in the Log window you can see black arrows which indicate whether the column is sorted in ascending or descending order. Moreover, these arrows contain a number which indicates the order of the columns in the Sort Order list of the Record Sort Order dialog.