5.8 Tabs

The video tutorial Record Filters and Tabs on Youtube will explain  how to use record filters and tabs.

The video tutorial Extract Column, Custom Column Definitions and Dedicated Categories on Youtube will explain how to use tab switching and the link command.

Tabs are different views on the log records to be analyzed. The displayed log records are selected on the basis of the tab's filter expression. Ascolog Insight creates a new tab for each log file that is loaded. All the tabs can be accessed via the Tab list. You can change the order of the tabs in the Tab list by dragging a tab to a different position. The Main tab is always available and the Main tab's filter expression is set to display a merged view of all loaded log records. When you cannot see a log record in the Main tab check if any record filters prevent these log records from being displayed.

Since a tab is an analyze function the usual ways for creating analyze functions can be applied. How to create analyze functions is described in How to create Analyze Functions and Filter Expressions. You can also add a new tab when you right-click on the Tab list and you select New... The Tab Settings dialog will be displayed where you have to configure the settings of the new tab.

When you create a new tab the tab default settings will be used. In order to modify them open the Tab Default Settings menu in the View menu. In the Tab Default Settings menu you can either directly change most of these settings or you can select the command Options... to open the Tab Default Settings dialog. As the tab default settings are the same as the settings for a specific tab please read Editing a Tab to learn more about default tab settings. There are different types of tabs. They are described in table Tab types.

Tab types
Tab type Description
Primary This is the type of the Main tab.

A linked tab links to a log file and displays the content of this log file.

A linked tab has the following two properties:

  1. A linked tab links to a color rule in the Merge Colors category.

  2. A linked tab is removed when the linked log file is unloaded.

If you want to create a linked tab for a file, right-click on the file to open the context menu and select Tab and Linked. A custom tab whose filter expression refers to a log file does not have the two properties explained above.

Custom A custom tab is based on a filter expression customized by the user.
Persistent This is a tab where the Persistent Tab check box in the Tab Settings dialog is ticked.