1.2 What is Ascolog Insight

Ascolog Insight is a software application for analyzing logs. The tool is a great help for software developers, administrators, quality assurance and support staff to understand the behavior of a software system based on its logs. It supports you to find and identify problems, errors and security issues. The program uses optimized algorithms to achieve unmatched processing performance even with very large logs. Grammar based parsing in combination with a specialized script language allows the processing of a wide variety of different log formats. Ascolog Insight provides a wizard which can automatically create a grammar for your log type.

Furthermore an SDK is available to allow access to any kind of data source (e.g. binary files, databases, cloud storage). Ascolog Insight can also be run as a Windows® service.

Purchasing an Ascolog Insight Professional license does not entitle you to use the Ascolog Insight SDK or to run Ascolog Insight as a Windows® service. If you are interested in this functionality please contact us to learn more or to get a quote.

Please note that although this user manual is about Ascolog Insight Professional it will make references to running Ascolog Insight as a Windows® service.